Price list: Gliwice-Zabrze-Kraków

Single use tickets

Normal ticket - Promotion - PLN 15.00

Normal ticket.

Ticket with a trade discount - Promotion - PLN 7.00

Pupils, students on the basis of a valid ID until the age of 26 years of age, children up to 4 years old – free of charge (without their own place). 

Reduced 33% - PLN 14.74

Honorary blood donor who has donated at least 3 blood donations Ingredients, including plasma after COVID-19 disease – in case of announcement state of epidemic threat or epidemic. Based on the issued certificates. 

Reduced 37% - PLN 13.86

Child over 4 years of age, People with a significant degree disability or disability in group I or unable to independently existence, Blind people with a moderate degree of disability or II group of disabilities, War Invalid, Veteran of warfare outside the country. 

Discount 51% - PLN 10.78

Blind people with a significant degree of disability or group I disabled or incapable of independent existence, Kombatant. 

Reduced 78% - PLN 4.84

Border guard – service, Customs and tax officer – service, policeman – service, soldier of military police – service, soldier non-professional and people on military service in an equivalent form, Children up to 4 years of age (with a seat) Disabled children (up to 24 years of age), Disabled student (up to 26 years of age), Guardian a disabled child, Civilian blind victim of hostilities, A war-disabled person of the 1st group or a repressed person. 

Reduced 95% - PLN 1.10

Guardian of a person incapable of independent existence, Guide of people the blind, Guardian of the 1st group war invalidity. 

Discounted 100% - FREE OF CHARGE

Border guards (protection of communication routes), Children up to 4 years of age life (without a seat). 

Season tickets

Monthly normal - PLN 550.00

Monthly, normal ticket.

Monthly 37% - PLN 346.50

Blind people with moderate disability or group II disabled. 

Monthly 49% - PLN 280.50

Students (up to 24 years old), Children (Kindergarten).

Monthly 51% - PLN 269.50

Student (up to 26 years of age), PhD student (up to 35 years of age), Individuals blind with a significant degree of disability or disability group I or unable to exist independently. 

Monthly 78% - PLN 121.00

Disabled children (up to 24 years of age), Disabled student (up to Age 26). 

Zmiany w rozkładzie

Informujemy, że od 6 grudnia 2021 wprowadziliśmy nowy cennik biletów.

Informujemy, że od 29.07.2021 nastąpi zmiana lokalizacji przystanku w Gliwicach w związku przebudową Placu Piastów. Nowy przystanek: Gliwice Dw. PKP, ul. Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego (stanowisko 01).