What is the standard of the coaches?

UNIBUS coaches are equipped with air conditioning, seat belts, adjustable seats and luggage compartment.

Is there WI-FI on the buses?

No, there is no WI-FI on board UNIBUS. This will change soon.

Is there a Pilot on board the coach?

Unfortunately there is no a Pilot on board the coach but the bus driver can help you.

Are passengers insured while traveling?

Yes, all passengers are insured during the trip.

What vehicles are part of the UNIBUS fleet?

The UNIBUS fleet consists of modern Setra 415, 416 and coaches 417.

Can the bus stop at a stop other than the one designated in timetable?

No, the driver is required to follow the course according to the timetable.

Can I send a parcel by coach?

Individual consent for sending the shipment by UNIBUS bus is expressed the driver serving the given route.


Can I carry a wheelchair on board?

Yes, it is possible to transport a wheelchair on board UNIBUS.

Can I carry animals on board?

Pets are not allowed on the coach, except for the dog guide.

Can I carry musical instruments on board?

Yes, small musical instruments can be carried on board UNIBUS, while larger in the hold. 

Can I carry sports equipment on board?

Yes, on board UNIBUS you can transport a pram in the hold porter.

What's the baggage allowance?

There is no weight limit for luggage on board UNIBUS.


How can I buy a single-use ticket?

Route: Katowice-Kraków
Sale of tickets to Krakow – at the box office at D.A. P. Complaints at the post no 6
Sale of tickets to Katowice – only at MDA ticket offices

Route: Gliwice-Kraków
Sale of tickets to Krakow – from the driver on the bus
Sale of tickets to Gliwice – only at MDA ticket offices

How can I buy a monthly ticket?

The monthly pass can be purchased at the box office at D.A. P. Complaints at the post no 6.

What discounts are available to customers?

Reduced ticket (single, THERE and BACK) is available to pupils and students on the basis of a valid ID card up to the age of 26. Monthly ticket no includes tax relief.

Is it possible to reserve seats?

No, it is not possible to reserve seats on UNIBUS decks.


Can I carry a pram on board?

Yes, on board UNIBUS you can transport a pram in the hold porter.

Can a minor travel alone?

Yes, we allow minors to travel on board UNIBUS.


What to do if the bus is more than 15 minutes late?

If the coach is late, please call the hotline. Employee the hotline will inform you about the cause of the delay and give you information
estimated time of arrival of the delayed bus.

How can I make a complaint?

Filing a complaint is possible by sending an email to biuro@uni-bus.com.pl or via the contact form.

Zmiany w rozkładzie

Informujemy, że od 6 grudnia 2021 wprowadziliśmy nowy cennik biletów.

Informujemy, że od 29.07.2021 nastąpi zmiana lokalizacji przystanku w Gliwicach w związku przebudową Placu Piastów. Nowy przystanek: Gliwice Dw. PKP, ul. Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego (stanowisko 01).